Entry Forms & Draws

Open competitions for 2021 at Boat of Garten will take place on the following dates (click on appropriate event for an entry form):

Entries open Tuesday 5th January 2021


Visitors are asked to respect the rules of Boat of Garten Golf Club, in particular the following:
a)  Visitors must not use the car park for changing clothing or shoes when the Clubhouse is open.

b)  Dress Code:
     On the course collared shirt or polo-neck sweater and tailored trousers or shorts and golf type footwear. Blue denim trousers, running shorts, singlets or tee shirts, football team colours are not acceptable. 
     In the Clubhouse the minimum dress standard is smart casual wear throughout. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the bar and dining area.

c) Insurance:
     – the Club does not have insurance covering personal property of Visitors. Visitors are advised to effect their own insurance.
     – the club has no insurance covering injury or damage caused by Members or Visitors to third parties or to property. Visitors must effect their own insurance to cover this risk.